2016-01-16 16.06.002015-11-26 17.45.21I have not wrote a blog for months. Due to separating from my husband, just after Christmas.

But all is well now & it has not stopped me writing children`s book.


Four books on kindle and three in paper back.

Now I am going to focus on all the children`s books I wrote thirty years ago,

when I had just two little boys.

they are making me smile as I type them up087 095 099

My three books are on sale  e -book form and now I am happy to say Watching Over You and Guided By Love

will be in paper back in three weeks time all the way from U.S.A.

I have lost all faith in the British publishing after being scammed by a rat infested ( and that is the staff) 003 009 034 004

at the London based firm

My idea is to sign each one and sell them on ebay & everywhere else I can.

So fingers crossed xxxxxx

Watching You Over by Christine Wilson

ghost_camera__44621f60-e450-4060-8bcc-911f7f46a1f6001No story snippets today…..

I have just been researching how to make my own audio book.

It seems easy enough, I just have to invest in STUFF. Like a microphone. I wonder if I could use the one off my wii fit console & plug it into my laptop…..EBAY here I go

Watching Over You by Christine Wilson~~~~~~~~continued

Once I put the key in the door, I looked in every single room, this house was enormous.

it had been modernized and freshly painted, it had four bedrooms and I loved it straight away.

I had been saving hard over the past few months, so was able to afford a deep blue expensive carpet, new sofa`s and curtains.

This was going to be my perfect house of happiness.

And it was, I lived there for six years. I read Tarot cards and used my Medium skills, I had a lovely circle of friends. I loved being single and having lots of fun with my friends…….I loved being a Free Spirit……….007 017

Watching Over You by Christine Wilson~~~~~~continued

it was three days later I received  the phone call I had been waiting for. Mrs Cotton had called me to say that the four bedroom house just round the corner, was ready for me and my children to move in and that I could pick the keys up anytime.

Friday came I was ecstatic I had the keys to my new home I said out loud ” Thank you so much ┬áSpirit Guide”.

I knew no-one with a van so most of my belongings were taken down to my new home by Asda shopping trollies, as much as my three sons were ashamed of pushing them,007 031 it had to be done.